Friday, November 11, 2016



                                                                       Cyber warfare
Cyber warfare is an attack involves some actions of the state or organization mostly international intents aim to subdue or attempt to damage another nation's electronic system or steal classified information from a networks, for example, computer malware that wretch a denial-of-service in electronic system. Cyber operations have been used hand-in-hand by state apparatus to launch information warfare and intelligence gathering as it explained by Sven Sakkov, director of NATO Cooperative Cyber Defense Center. “Today's phone hacks example for Angela Merkel's phone that hacked by NSA to listen on her personal and state's conversations should awake anyone who never heard about cyber intrusion. Things like website defacement and politically motivated cyber propaganda has became a new battle front in electronic psycho warfare which serve a wider purpose, of which many attacks have nothing to do with hostility, but a business venture of knowledge acquisitions and information gathering. This article illustrating here on this blog about cyber operations that used in much broader strategies of info-war especially in recent U.S.A Presidential election campaign where the Russian Federal Security Service (FBS) alleged may have been behind the leaking of Democratic National Committee emails which added a disturbing twist against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. The infos war that encompassing digital propaganda, denial-of-service (DoS) campaigns, website defacements, information leaks by hacktivist groups who exploiting cutting-edge cyber espionage malware.(more)



Time in Turkey:



Listeria Outbreak

Listeria: Listeria monocytogenes is a food-borne pathogen that can cause listeriosis, an invasive infection in humans with a fatality rate about 20-30%. There are several research on various such as biomarker for the control of these variant microbials. The pathogen causes the deadly disease in nature and uses food as a vehicle to invade the human body. more

CNN Journo-Spy

Who Is: David McKenzie: He is about 39 years old, he hold multiple passports include a South African national passport. McKenzie is a descendant of Rhodesian (Zimbabwean) family of white Afrikaners, who migrated to South Africa in early years.more

North Korea.

North Korea: North Korea launched its likely third intercontinental ballistic missile test that took place at around 3:17 am local time. more