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Assistant Pfrof. Huzaifa Ummar (L) Prof. Nahit; Geoffrey and Nambili Samuel at Uluslararası Kıbrıs Üniversitesi (UKÜ)
Synopsis: Nambili studies computers and biomedical engineering at Cyprus International University (CIU). He is a Pan African visionary. 

Mr Nambili attended numerous leadership conferences and political summits, includes round-tables at Namibian parliament house that was convened to tackle complex subjects on Afrocentrism. Nambili shows ability to combine real-life with practical advice. He has been recommended by some influential people on the continent and in diaspora as a real true Pan Africanist, he does not only possess a good impressive personality of politeness and charisma of the human aura, he is indeed a hard-core kind of unique individual. He attended Ghanaian Peace Festival and also partaken in Qatar International Debate (QID). E.a Nambili applauded by his elementary school teachers like Mrs. Mundhika Katty; Mrs Frienda Amukoshi; Mrs.Tokundu Saima; Mr. Jose Katimba and others from Oshikondiilongo Combined School where he attended early schooling, he regarded as a faster learner at school, stress tolerant and good representable material. 

Early Life and Education

Nambili 'Nakandjato' Samuel; born into infinity on 28 November, 1984 in Ohangwena region, northern part of Namibia. He is a charmful child of Mrs Hilen Alfeus and Mr. Nambili Tonatah. He raised in a very strict cultural background that taught him special characters that later propel him to excel at schools and fit well with other people. Nambili Samuel attended formal school at Jamaican Kindergarten in Windhoek and transferred to Omalaala CS at the new dawn of Namibian Independent during 1990and later proceed to Oshikondiilongo in 1993, from which he further matriculated at Oluno S.S.S in present-today (Adimba Toivo S.S.S) in 2002. Mr. Nambili studied Computer courses at Institute of Information and Technology ( IIT). He is a professional soldier for past 16 years in Namibian Defense Force NDF ]. Where he holds a variety of junior commanding positions and he went through colorful special corps and various placements within military force such as medic corps, police corps and MoD’s staffs.

He is being described joining the NDF through basic military training at Osona Military Base at Okahandja about 70 km north from the Namibia's main capital city Windhoek in Namibia, as a recruit at the basic training he attended interview for Medical field whereby he was among those selected to become professional medics in Namibian Defence Force. He has vast military experiences and combatant skills. Nambili love shooting and literature, he participated heavily in ”Army Shooting Championship”, the seasonal competition that often took places in Oshiwarongo under defense force sponsorship. He won himself a “firing Acre Award” a certificate for best riffle-man. He also got various trainings and decorations such as Military Police [MP] and other specializations [classified]. Nambili served NDF with honor in most various posts throughout Namibia, in different towns like Karasberg; Keetmanshop; Windhoek,; Okahandja; Walvisbay; Gobabis; Oshivelo; Ruacana; Rundu and Mpacha in Zambezi region and so forth.
military is something born in my blood,i am a fearless warrior with marksmanship, i can knock down any target with one single bullet.

Social Activism 

Nambili is a member of Pan-Africanism movement, and participated in South Africa, Ghana,Turkey, Cyprus and Qatar. He still continuing sensitize other fellow African students about the importance of being a proud African man [Africa doesn’t belong to any color or maternal birth,but belong to whoever feel and sense its natural touchiness]  Many of our folks especially African students when attained their masters and assimilated into a modern complex cultures of fancy lifestyles, usually they get disillusioned and lost pride as true whom they are as Africans. The continent suffers unrepairable brain drain after these young educated cadres flocking in large exodus to Europe and North America as hope to find green pastures. Nambili gained the love of literature, and he can worms any type of book profoundly, thus this energy within him, provoked strong thirsty for gnosism and passion for wisdom. He is a progeny that influenced by militancy,revolutionaries and civil activists like Marcus Garvey; Malcolm X; and inspired by some nationalist leaders such as Kwame Nkrumah; Sam Nujoma; Mao Che Tung; Fidel Castro; Hugo Chavez; Vladimir Lenin; Hoch Minh; Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and among others.

International Acquaintance 

Nambili he posses a basic of Russian language and he can also able to speak and understand elementary Turkish. Mr. Nambili grows up in multiculturalism society and partakes in rainbow especially his workplaces where there is an atmosphere of different ethnics, races and tribes united in one common goal to defend nations. Nambili get along quickly with people and have no problem to intermingling with different people from all walks of life,since he see no social class, but only one humanity. So, meshing along with different colors, races,religions, beliefs and creeds, especially at the university where he is attending is not a problem. He created friends, from adepts of Muslims, Christians,Buddhists, Hindus and Atheists alike. His religious neutrality and cultural awareness that he possess fit today's mindset that increasingly moving toward a global community. Therefore his vast knowledge and life experiences suit any dynamic global marketplace. Nambili exposed to others' ideas and their different points of view which makes him an unique individual who think outside the box when facing a calculated antagonistic challenge. 


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